Bill Belichick Foundation Announces Lacrosse Equipment Grant

The Bill Belichick Foundation (BBF) has received $20,000 in lacrosse equipment to grant to a startup team or existing lacrosse team in need of new gear.  In an effort to grow the sport of lacrosse, the BBF and ComLax want to help teams by making sure they are wearing equipment that is safe and fits properly.

Each ComLax store is staffed by lacrosse players who love the game and more importantly, play the game. All employees are trained extensively in Customer Service and are also participants in several equipment demo sessions which occur multiple times per year.  ComLax and Pure Hockey is an East Coast company with 20 stores across MA, CT, NH, NJ, NY, PA and RI.

ComLax and the BBF will donate equipment to either a youth, high school or college level team.

The Bill Belichick Foundation and ComLax look forward distributing this grant annually to lacrosse teams in the United States.


  • Must be a school or qualifying sports organization
  • Must illustrate need for equipment or plans for growth

Please include the following with your completed application:

  •     A letter of intent
  •     A typed written essay

Submit completed application by January 31, 2016

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